Friday, 1 March 2013

Buying a drone

It is for consumers since a few years possible for drones to buy. These are unmanned aircraft that can be controlled by iPhone or iPod. The drones were first used primarily by the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Netherlands has still a lot to do around the privacy regulations. Because it is a new phenomenon is still barely thought about. The drone is also known as the UAS or the RPA s.  

Read all about it in this article.  
Many Dutch people know the above as an American unmanned drone aircraft used by the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq to kill terrorists. The great advantage of this aircraft is that the costs are much lower and the risk of their own deaths also absent. At the same time the drone is also increasingly being used in the United States. In the Netherlands it that way. In that case, the drone is unarmed. The drone is then used eg for recreation or for monitoring. Another indication for the drone is Unnamed Aircraft System, or the UAS. The second term is the Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems, or the RPA-S. 
Buying a droneMeanwhile, the first drones found their way to the Dutch stores. They are therefore easily accessible to Dutch consumers. In the autumn of 2010 it was announced that the AR.Drone with different electronics chains would be offered for sale. These are among others the Media Markt and Saturn. The AR.Drone thanks to its built wifi received are controlled using an iPhone or an iPod. In the device, two cameras attached. The images of these can be viewed on the iPhone. A change from the first demonstration models is that the display of the cameras is better and that the housing is reinforced at the front. The Drone is for sale for an amount of 300 euros. This makes it relatively affordable for Dutch consumers.  
Bet drones governmentThere are many different governments and security companies who wish to use the drones. Thus, the Amsterdam police announced intention to make use of different drones. It is convenient to several ways. For example, a drone as faster on the spot for example, in the case of a robbery. Optionally, the robbers using the drone can be haunted. Now that only using a police helicopter, but that is not always used and costs relatively high in the air. Further, a drone be used, for example, on busy days, like Queensday to monitor how the crowd moves. That is precisely the reason why security want to use the drone. For example festivals can thus easily be stored overview. 
Drones and legislationIn the Netherlands, there is still much uncertainty surrounding the regulation and legislation. Because it is a new phenomenon, there is little regulation. The United States leads the way. As argued in 2012 even the first states own regulations. In the Netherlands the UAS provisionally under a law designed for model airplanes. The problem is that model aircraft primarily for recreational purposes, whereas the UAS really different light. Furthermore, there is much to do around people's privacy. To what extent, for example, allowed somebody just to film and these images are also stored instance. These questions are still few answers.

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